Face Massager Whitening and wrinkle removal LED Photon RF face lifting machine


Led Photon Light Therapy Device

1、EMS Current
2、Electroporation Technology
3、RF Radio Frequency
4、LED Light

Improve Various Skin Problems
1、Deep Cleaning
2、Moisturize and Regenerate Skin
3、Eliminate Eye Bag
4、Shrink Enlarged Pores
5、Suppress Blackheads And Acne
6、Smoothen Wrinkles

-Nourish the face and neck, remove acne, shrink pores, anti-wrinkle, firm, whitening
Mesotherapy: Use a special pulse from a double-click current to directly introduce nutrients into the dermis layer of the skin.
Input: Special current activates skin cells, allowing effective skin cream ingredients to enter the dermis directly. 10 times increase skin absorption.
RF current: high-frequency resistance heating, effectively improve skin relaxation, aging wrinkles, promote lymph and blood circulation and other care.
LED phototherapy: repair microscopic gaps, shrink pores, have a calming anti-inflammatory effect.
Notice: Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect.

RF: Collagen regenerates, tightens skin, lifts skin and reduces wrinkles
EMS: Firming skin, restore flexibility and elasticity
Ultrasound: Enhance the absorption of beauty essence / product
Acoustic vibration: deep cleansing of the skin
LED lights:
Red: promotes blood circulation and collagen regeneration, enhances skin elasticity
Green: Lightens pigmentation, dark spots, freckles, improves overall skin tone
Blue: kill bacteria, promote blood circulation, remove acne
Yellow: stimulates the lymph and nervous system, restores the balance of sensitive skin
Pink: Improves blood circulation and enhances absorption of beauty essence

5 LED lights

Green : Whiten Skin
Yellow : Brighten Skin Tone
Red : Promote The Regeneration Of Collagen
Pink : Inhibit The Excessive Production Of Melanin
Blue : Contractive Pore


Package Included

1x Main unit
1x Use Manual
1x Power line
1x Charging stand


Material: ABS
Input: DC5V(500mA)
Power: Max 10W
Battery capacity: 850mAh
Charging time: 3 hours
Use time: 10mins/time
Standby time: 40 days
Color: White
Size: 17.3*4.2cm(L*W)
Weight: 198g


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